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5 Design Trends for 2022

As we head into the spring season, we at Gilpin Realty want to offer a look at five big changes that are coming to the world of home design. Whether you’re looking to buy or prepping to sell, we hope these insights can help you to plan out your next steps.

1  |  Sage is the new gray.

The age of grayscale and minimalism is nearing its end. Because we have all been spending much more time inside our homes recently, there’s been a strong push for an environment that feels fresh, inviting, and inhabited. Sage and other neutral greens have become a new favorite as a result, providing an atmosphere of peace, serenity, and natural life.

2  |  Textured statement walls.

Many DIYers have begun sharing their millwork projects online in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With just a few lines of texture, the walls of your home can be transformed from a blank canvas into something that draws and catches the eye. It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact, and millwork accents are an excellent example.

3  |  Welcome back, traditional floor plans.

As soon as open floor plans went head-to-head with kitchen table classrooms and bedroom Zoom calls, traditional layouts began gaining in popularity. The desire to have distinct spaces for different activities is well served by a more segmented floor plan.

4  |  Back to nature.

Natural designs are booming. Earthen tones, decorative plants, marble surfaces, and natural textures are just a few elements that can fill a room with life. Their hints of chaos and imperfectability carry a charm and personality like nothing else does.

5  |  What’s old is new.

From that one miniature rocking horse to the family’s hand-etched lampshades, nearly everyone passes down a legacy through the ways they decorated their home. By repurposing those items in your own home, they can continue to write their history and spark cherished memories for generations to come.

To wrap it all up, there has been a general shift toward home designs that feel alive and real. When more and more of our time is being spent in our residences, we naturally want them to be an inviting and restful destination. 

If you’re selling your home, applying even one of these insights could easily pay for itself in curb appeal. If you’re looking to buy, it’ll help you sort through some of the options that might not fit the bill. Either way, our team here at Gilpin Realty is always happy to help. If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to meet, reach out to us here!

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