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7 Indoor Tasks to Get Your Home Fall and Winter Ready

The coming of fall means you’re about to start spending a lot more time indoors, which means it’s time to start working on that home care to-do list. Here’s a list of our top seven indoor projects to get you ready for the coming seasons!

1 | Clean your furnace

A good furnace will keep your house warm during the coming months, but it needs upkeep to do so. Replacing the filters and testing its efficiency will keep your furnace happy and your heating bill down. If you prefer to let the experts handle it, call us for a referral! 

2 | Check for drafts

Even the best furnace can’t keep up if outdoor air is getting in. Drafty doors and windows can dramatically lower the temperature in your home and allow other unwelcome guests to get in. To prevent this, check the edges of your doors and windows for any draftiness. Holding a lit candle nearby can help you detect where a breeze is coming in—simply hold the candle near a crack and observe any flickers.

3 | Reverse your ceiling fans

When it’s hot, the downdraft created by your fan helps cool the room. But when it’s cold, the motor on your fan should have a switch that reverses its direction. By toggling it, you’ll instead create an updraft that forces the heat into the rest of your room. Don’t forget to swap it back for summer, though!

4 | Check your batteries

House fires grow increasingly more common in the fall and winter months due to the increased use of fires and furnaces. As a result, your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms need to be armed and ready. Replace any dead batteries and test the alarms to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

5 | Swap out your drapes

Many windows do a relatively poor job of insulating your house from the cold. Conveniently, heavy drapes do an excellent job, providing you with the perfect opportunity for a seasonal change of decor. Open them in the morning to let in the sunlight, then close them in the evening to trap the heat.

6 | Test your generator

Your generator enables you to keep your refrigerator and other key items running during a power outage. For that reason alone, it’s important to make sure it’s still functioning properly before the storms come. Check the fluids to make sure they’re topped off and use a voltmeter to ensure that it’s producing the amount of power it should be. By checking it now, you’ll have the generator ready to go when you need it later.

7 | Check your foundations

As the outside temperatures grow colder, many critters gravitate to the warmest areas around. In many cases, that means your house. Rodents can carry various diseases into your home, and they have a nasty habit of chewing through wires, and getting into your food stores. Take a few minutes to check around the foundations of your house for any signs of entry. Even a hole the size of a quarter can give them access, so make any necessary repairs and contact your local pest control if you suspect any unwelcome guests.

By following these seven tips, you’ll be well-equipped for the coming seasons. Once you’re done, get yourself a warm drink, put on a cozy sweater, and enjoy some quality time with the family!

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