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7 Outdoor Fall Tasks to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

As the days begin to grow crisp and cold, it’s time to pull out your to-do list for the fall. There are always a few vital items you need to cross off in order to keep your house looking its best in the coming seasons. To help you out, here’s our top seven tasks for all your outdoor projects!

1 | Clean the roof and gutters

Nobody likes a dirty roof and a flooded gutter. In addition to the reduced curb appeal, each has the potential to cause some costly damage. So as the leaves begin to fall, grab the rake and leaf blower and clear off the debris before it clogs the whole system! Make sure to rake the yard afterward!

2 | Check your trees for risky branches

Before you get off the roof, make sure there aren’t any dying tree limbs hanging over your property. Weak or broken limbs can become hazardous during stormy weather, damaging your roof, powerlines, and yard. While you’re at it, trim back the rest of your landscaping to keep it healthy for the spring!

3 | Clean and cover your patio furniture

Your favorite backyard furniture set is perfect for the summer, but it won’t last long without proper care. A little bit of maintenance will go a long way in counteracting any weather damage. If you can’t machine wash the cushion covers, try using a soft brush and a 1:16 vinegar to water spray, then store or cover them for next year!

4 | Bring in the hoses

A single frozen pipe can destroy your house’s plumbing overnight. So before the days begin to freeze, make sure to drain out your garden hoses and keep them safely stored away for the spring. If you have any exterior pipes that can’t be removed, wrap them in heat tape to prevent them from bursting!

5 | Fill in your driveway cracks

Cracks in the concrete might not seem like a big deal, but water can seep into them quite easily. When it freezes, it’ll expand, making the cracks even bigger. A quick treatment now with some crack filler will save you a lot of headaches while keeping your house looking new.

6 | Clean out your chimney

When you burn wood in the fireplace, it leaves behind both soot and creosote. While both of these are normal byproducts, they build up over time in your chimney, substantially increasing your risk for a house fire. In order to prevent this, invest in gear to clean out the inside of your chimney every year. If you use the fireplace regularly or have a notable buildup of creosote, hiring a chimney sweep is even better.

7 | Plant your spring flowers

Fall is planting season for tulips, azaleas, rhododendrons, and many other beautiful spring flowers. By planting them now, you give them the opportunity to take root in your garden and around your house, letting them blossom into the perfect highlight of your home. From curb appeal to a healthier lawn, flowers provide your home with a wide variety of benefits.

These seven projects will help you embrace the coming days with confidence and enthusiasm. By putting in the work today, you and your family will be prepared to capture all the laughter and joy that fall can bring!

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