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Chasing the Perfect Pour: 4 Great Snohomish Breweries

There is a beverage that suits every season. Some enjoy a glass of lemonade on a sunny day, others feel comfort in a warm cup of tea during the winds of winter.

But ask around the area, and you’ll encounter many kindhearted folks who believe it’s always the right weather for an expertly crafted beer from one of the many Snohomish breweries.

Thus, chasing after the perfect pour in Snohomish becomes something of an all-season event. Whether you’re a fan of lagers, IPA’s, stouts, or even have a strong preference for ciders, there’s a place for you to enjoy good company and take a load off from your day.

As your local Snohomish brewery experts, we’d like to guide you to your next most delicious pour at one of our exceptional local breweries. Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order!

1|  Audacity Brewing

Audacity Brewing is first up on our list, boasting a menu that’s every bit as adventurous as the brewers themselves. The Audacity owners describe themselves as having a “willingness to take bold risks.”

They bear a simultaneous respect for the history and tradition of brewing, while offering their own unique take on the art, creating unique beers for the community to enjoy.

As the beer menu at any brewery rotates fairly quickly, it would be difficult to make specific recommendations for you on a beer… since it could be gone by the time you get there!

But at the time of writing this, one of our favorites is the Morning Mood which is a tasty stout made with maple syrup and local Velton’s coffee. It’s the perfect beer for a little coffee boost as the days get shorter and shorter heading into winter.

You can learn more about Audacity Brewing at their website or by swinging by their taproom at 1208 10th St Ste C Snohomish, WA 98290.

2|  Sound to Summit Brewing

Next up on our list of Snohomish breweries is the spacious and innovative Sound to Summit Brewing.

Sound to Summit is an exceptional brewery that puts a great emphasis on sourcing local ingredients. One of their freshest tasting beers is the Lager 180 which, fittingly, sources all its ingredients from within 180 miles of the brewery. Doesn’t get much more local than that!

The brewery’s namesake plays an echoing role with many of their beers, which often are named after major bodies of water or mountains in the area. Everything from the depths of the sound to the peaks of the summit!

Sound to Summit also has a heated patio and delicious food on their menu, so it’s a great place to stop for a while and enjoy some laughter with your friends or family. Plan your next visit! Take a look at their website here or make a pit stop off of Bickford at 1830 Bickford Ave Ste 111 Snohomish, WA 98290

3|  Spada Farmhouse Brewery

A relatively new addition to the main historic downtown Snohomish area, Spada Farmhouse Brewery is quickly becoming a local favorite.

The interior of the brewery is well-suited for gatherings of any size, with a cheerful patio open during the nicer months of the year (or if you’re brave enough to bear the cold). Their tap list changes regularly, but they almost always offer something with superb citrus notes.

We’d argue that Spada Farmhouse has some of the tastiest food on this list, and they’re a great beginning to an evening of enjoyment along 1st Street in Snohomish.

Make a point of checking them out. Have a look at their atmosphere and menu on their website here or take a walk up to pay them a visit at 709 1st Street Snohomish, WA 98290.

4|  Hammered Dwarf Cider

Looking to bring a little bit more fantasy into your weekend out? Look no further than the Hammered Dwarf Cidery just off the main drag of Snohomish.

Though not a true Snohomish brewery (in the sense that there is no beer) we’d be remiss not to include a cider option for those who have sensitivities to beer or gluten intolerance.

Hammered Dwarf’s menu is filled with all kinds of fun and inspired ciders that trace their roots to fantasy elements. Fans of Tolkien and similar fantasy authors will feel right at home here.

What’s more is that they primarily brew their cider using traditional cider apples. The result is that their ciders can be drier and boast more complex flavors than ciders that normally use culinary apples.

Find out more about Hammered Dwarf here, or go have your own unexpected journey there at 9029A 112th Dr SE Snohomish, WA 98290.

The Best Breweries in Snohomish

Listing out only four breweries/cideries barely scratches the surface on what Snohomish has to offer. We highly recommend that you check out as many as you can to see which one suits your mood and tastes the best.

A few other honorable mentions to check out are Haywire, SnoTown, and Lewis & Main. Do you have a hidden Snohomish brewery of your own to share? We want to know! From all of us at Gilpin Realty, we wish you hours of merriment and fond memories this holiday season. We’re here to help with your every housing need here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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