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Coffee in Snohomish WA: Serving Up Joy

In our most recent blog post, we took a look at several of our favorite breweries and cideries here in Snohomish. But what about the coffee in Snohomish WA?

Surely, there’s no such thing as a bad time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and the coffee shops in Snohomish have you covered whenever that time arises in your day.

Particularly as we head into the holiday season (peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattés, anyone?) it’s a great time to pay a visit to a tried-and-true Snohomish coffee shop or discover a brand new hangout entirely.

Here’s a breakdown of several places to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in Snohomish, WA.

1.   Looking Glass Coffee

We’ll have to kick off this blog post with our own time-tested favorite coffee shop in Snohomish. Looking Glass Coffee on 1st Street fuses the perfect combination of open and spacious atmosphere with coffee drinks that help you feel nice and cozy.

As coffee shops in Snohomish go, Looking Glass places a strong emphasis on community engagement, often featuring live music or entertainment on certain days of the week.

If coffee isn’t quite your cup of tea (see what we did there), there is also a charming selection of gifts at the front of the coffee shop which presents a strong enough reason to pay a visit!

If you’re newer to the area or just haven’t ventured to Looking Glass yet, be sure to add it to your list. Check out their website here or talk a walk up the road to say hi at 801 1st St Ste 201 Snohomish, WA 98290.

2.   Proper Joe Coffeehouse

Do you know where the expression “cup of Joe” originated from? The term’s origins date back to 1913 and were derived from Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels’ famously stringent prohibition of alcohol consumption aboard naval vessels.

The ban on alcohol naturally led to more coffee consumption among crew members, thus the term “a cup of Joe” was born, paying a cheeky homage to the man who instituted the policy.

With that little history lesson out of the way, enter the Proper Joe Coffeehouse at the other end of 1st Street from Looking Glass. Proper Joe is a charming little coffeehouse with delicious drinks, a cozy atmosphere, and scrumptious pastries.

We particularly enjoy their coffee on a rainy day during the year (which as you know happens in the Pacific Northwest). But there’s never a wrong weather pattern to stop in and enjoy a proper cup of joe!

You can swing by to check them out at 1101 1st St, Snohomish, WA 98290.

3.   Panther Grounds Espresso

Named as a tribute to the Snohomish High Panthers, the Panther Grounds Espresso is the ideal spot when you need your coffee and you need it now!

A quick and quaint little coffee hut, Panther Grounds has dazzled community members with its excellent service, deliciously smooth coffee, and wide selection of bagels. Because what’s a morning coffee without a bagel, anyway?

Also, even though reviews are so subjective, Panther Grounds does have the unique privilege of boasting a 4.8/5 on its Google reviews… so it’s clearly not just us that have been won over by their excellent coffee and service.

Next time you need to grab a cup but are on your way to your next adventure, be sure to check out Panther Grounds Espresso on 11320 92nd St SE, Snohomish, WA 98290.

Coffee Shops in Snohomish WA

We clearly have a lot of love for the coffee shops in Snohomish WA, as well as the many cultural installations of the area as a whole.

Snohomish is a tight knit community that cares deeply about its residents, heritage, and future. We always are happy to introduce people to the area and help them connect with a part of it that resonates with them.

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