FAQs for Owners

FAQs About Property Management

How many rentals does the company manage?

We manage 200+ rental units in Snohomish County.

Do your managers personally invest in rental properties?

Our managers own rental properties of their own and have years of experience.

What is the average time to fill a vacancy?

The market is quite strong right now, so if the home is in good shape, clean, well cared for, and priced comparable to the current market we find that they are renting quickly.

How do you market rentals?

We list your home on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, here on our website, and on several other effective online platforms. We offer showings seven days a week and include keys, signs, and lockboxes in our management costs.

What screening methods do you use?

Our managers screen credit reports, employment, rental history, and seven years of criminal background records.

What does the lease look like?

We use rental leasing documents provided by the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound.

What is the late rent policy?

Our late fee policy is typically 10% of the monthly rent.

How many tenants do you have to evict?

We do not have a lot of evictions due to our thorough pre-screening process.

How do the tenants contact the manager? After hours?

Our tenants are able to make contact with their property manager 24/7 through the tenant portal.

What kinds of maintenance jobs are handled by the property manager?

The manager will handle emergency repairs, turn over repairs, standard wear and tear, and general maintenance performed by our licensed and bonded vendors. 

How expensive does the work have to be before contacting the owner for approval?

We suggest setting a maximum amount that the manager can spend without your approval. You don’t want to have the manager calling for your approval to buy a $3.00 light switch, nor do you want to find out after the fact that they bought a $1500 carpet replacement. We set a figure that is comfortable for you. While this figure can be changed at any time, we suggest starting with $200.

What kind of reports will I receive?

You should expect a monthly report showing your income/expense financials as well as an annual report of the property based on the interior/exterior inspection.

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