Moving Out

The Move Out Checklist

Once you have given proper written notice of intent to move (usually a minimum of 20-30 days prior to when the rent is due), use this checklist to guide you in move out requirements. Costs associated with each item that is NOT done are also listed.

We are more than happy to refund your deposit if the home is in the same condition as when you moved in. Please check to see that the following things are accomplished. The listed amounts will be deducted from your deposit if they are not cleaned satisfactorily.


  • Cupboards ($50): Clean inside and out. Grease to be cleaned from cabinet doors. Counter tops and back splashes must be cleaned.
  • Stove ($100): Clean inside and out. Top of stove to be cleaned as well as oven and burners. Drip trays cleaned or replaced.
  • Sinks and Faucets ($50): cleaned and all deposits removed. Garbage disposal empty and running clean.
  • Floors ($100): Scrubbed and baseboards washed down.
  • Refrigerator ($50): Defrosted and cleaned inside and out.
  • Grease and Food Splatters ($50): All grease splatters and food cleaned off walls, door frames, and cupboard doors.
  • Window ($100): Inside windows and sills cleaned.
  • Dishwasher ($50): Cleaned inside and out.

Living Room and Bedrooms

  • Carpets: Should be vacuumed and professionally cleaned. No rented machines. Carpet damage will be charged by the room where it needs to be replaced.
  • Baseboards and Windowsills ($100): Should be cleaned. Windows/sliding doors cleaned inside and out.
  • Closets ($20/each): Should be cleaned.
  • Fireplaces ($100): Should be cleaned out and outside of glass cleaned.


  • Porcelain ($100/bathroom): All porcelain areas should be scrubbed and disinfected with residue removed.
  • Surfaces ($100/bathroom): Shower stalls, bathtubs, toilet, floors, sinks, and countertops should be cleaned.
  • Floors ($50/each): Should be scrubbed.
  • Baseboards ($50/each): Should be cleaned.
  • Windows ($50/each): Should be cleaned.
  • Shower Doors ($50): Shower doors should be cleaned as well as the frame that holds them in place.
  • Medicine Cabinet ($25): Should be cleaned, shelves washed off, mirrors cleaned.


  • Light Bulbs ($5/bulb): Bulbs in all fixtures.
  • Yard ($200): Should be mowed, trimmed and flower beds in order.
  • Garbage ($15/bag / $150/pickup load): No garbage should be left.
  • Large Items ($75/load): Should be hauled to dump or otherwise removed.
  • Fumigating ($300): Fumigating charges will apply if it is needed.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Should be vacuumed and professionally cleaned. No rented machines. Carpet damage will be charged by the room where it needs to be replaced.
  • Fixtures (Cost + $50/hr): Missing, damaged, or destroyed fixture items (i.e. doors, appliances, fixtures, lights) will be charged at replacement cost. Work will be based on $40 per hour labor rates or standard contractor rates for wall/structure repairs.
  • Garage and Carport ($50): Sweep and remove cobwebs.
  • Baseboards and Window Sills ($100): Should be cleaned; windows/sliding doors inside and out.
  • Built-Ins ($50): Cleaned and dusted.

Prices are estimated dollar amounts and subject to change.

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