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Gilpin Management Services offers end-to-end rental property management for residential investment property owners. Our experienced property managers ensure that tenants have the best possible experience while the property owners know their investment is working for them.

Management Services that Fit Your Needs

We offer several services to help you manage tenants on your property. Our tenant placement services are perfect for people who just want some extra assistance with finding and booking clients, while our full management services will allow you to step back from the process entirely. Let’s break down the differences.

Tenant Placement Services

With our tenant placement services, we will assist you in all the most critical elements of property renting. First, our experts will monitor the housing market and its current prices. With over fifty years of experience in property management, we can provide a peace of mind that you will always get the best possible returns on your investment. We will also work to advertise the vacancy and provide on-site tours of the property, using our established Gilpin reputation to represent you. We will also conduct extensive tenant screenings with multiple verification steps to ensure your property remains safe and open for future tenants as well. Finally, we will handle the move-in inspections, 1099 tax forms, and the tenant’s funds and deposits.

Full Property Management Services

Our full property management services will provide all of the above services and more. We use our list of in-house vendors to address repairs, repainting, and general maintenance, and we’ll handle the utility payments on your behalf. Our property managers will also provide extensive assistance if things go wrong, including evictions and bounced checks. We can help your tenants renew their leases, provide a thorough move-in and move-out process, and keep in touch with both current tenants and potential clients, maximizing your available time and ensuring the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re looking for help finding a reliable tenant or ready to hand off day-to-day property management tasks to an experienced team, Gilpin Management Services is honored to help. Fill out the contact form or call us at (360) 568-1402 to get started with Gilpin’s end-to-end rental property management services.

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